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Mentoring Program

The Ryerson English Alumni Association is proud to offer a mentorship program for students in partnership with the Tri-Mentoring Program. This partnership was born out of the experience of previous Ryerson students, in that thought that perhaps that may have benefitted from some guidance from someone who has graduated from the program and is currently working in either their desired career field or just the arts in general.

With 19 years of experience, the Tri-Mentoring Program through its Career Mentoring Program has been facilitating matches for Ryerson students with industry professionals to help gain guidance and progress towards a particular career goal.

We are looking for Alumni to get involved as mentors for English students and provide insight towards any questions or concerns they might have after graduation. The usual requirement is to interact twice a month either in person or any other means of communication.

The Tri-Mentoring Program will help facilitate a structured and beneficial relationship for both the mentor and mentee with professional development events, guide books and their online portal.

For more information as to how to get involved or become a mentor, please email us at

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